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Vengeance 2100 Microphone making white noise/robot voice


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First off, hi. Hate to make my first post like this but I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles.


Brand new issue that happened overnight. I have had this headset and enjoyed it since day one when I preordered through Newegg. Turned it on after getting off of work today and when trying to talk in TeamSpeak the other guys could not hear me saying I was too low. Turned up the mic volume then tested it and all I could hear was a static version of myself. I basically had to yell to get anything to register. The audio is still wonderful, any sort of surround setup or volume sounds perfectly clear and correct so I'm almost positive it isn't the receiver. Also checked the microphone settings in Windows that nothing reverted there and it was still playing at 48000 Hz DVD Quality so just to see what would happen I set it to CD Quality and my PC blue screened once I hit apply. Which is where I drew the line and decided its best to ask people who may know more about it than I. Any help appreciated aswell as any condolences on my potential warranty use.


Thank you

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