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K95 volume scroll wheel not working


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Hey guys,


After an RMA of my K90 I got the new K95 model!!:praise::headbang: Thanks a million for that Corsair!!


First I uninstalled the K90 software and then installed the K95 firmware and last the K95 software. Everything was working just fine but after a restart the volume wheel does nothing at all. I re-installed the software of the K95 (it first uninstalls the current software automatically) and the wheel worked again. After another restart it stops working again.


What to do?


Windows 8 64 bit (not 8.1)


Just changed my system specs by the way.

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Today it did work when I started my pc but I checked HID services nevertheless and it didn't start automatically. It started manually so I changed it to automatically.


I guess this solves the problem. Thanks Toasted:biggrin:.


Ps; I did the firmware flash (first post;):)

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I found this forum just recently and I tried enabling the HID services which can be accessed through simply typing services into the search option where the windows icon is Human Interface Device Access right click on that and set it to automatic. If that does not work Download the VLC media player below.




and install this

Once you have done that go to Tools>Preferences>Hotkeys and untick Ignore keyboard volume buttons.

Rebind your media keys to the global column


And there you go all fixed enjoy the keyboard

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