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memory timings and settings help


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just installed my new ram, 2x8GB (CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10). The ram i took out of the system was 2x4 (CML16GX3M4A1600C9).


On my Gigabyte Z77 D3H, I had the XMP set at "Profile 1" and if I recall correctly, I talked to someone who guided me through the memory timing settings. Now that I have my new ram, will I need to go back in and change the mem timings or will XMP do this for me?


Again, XMP is set to "Profile 1" (only options are Profile 1 or disabled). I am curious about the memory timing listings, though. In the motherboard settings, if i go under advanced memory settings, it has 2 buttons, one for memory bank A and one for memory bank b. If I click on memory A, it shows the first setting (sorry i dont remember the names right now) but you can choose auto, quick, and expert. It is set on expert and the timings listed below, to the left are 10-10-10-27, but in the button boxes to the right are listed 12-12-12-24.


If I go to memory bank B, again, the first setting is set to "expert" and the timings listed below to the left are, again 10-10-10-27, but this time, the button boxes to the right all say "Auto".


And lastly, it seems I cannot change any settings, either I have a setting somewhere that won't let me change my memory timings anymore, (probably and "auto" setting or some setting somewhere else that has those timings locked in), or something else is going on.


Anyway, I wish I could be more detailed as i'm sure some wont be able to follow what I just said, but for those that have the D3H motherboard or know about it, would appreciate the help.

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if i clear my BIOS, do you mean wipe it out and start over, or just hit the "reset" button? i.e. if i clear the bios, will i need to flash again?

Just reset to defaults. But if your BIOS is not up to date then you will want to flash to the latest version first.

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Ok, a little difficulty. This is something wierd that has been an issue with my MB ever since ive had it. Either that, or it could be the USB drive im using, but, for some reason when I plug my USB drive into my computer, windows doesnt recognize it. Nothing shows up in windows explorer.


I tried a couple different USB ports, but I cant get it to work. I may just get a newer USB drive. The other option is the @BIOS from gigabyte, where I can update my bios from windows, via an internet downloaded BIOS. Is this safe? Or best to stick with Qflash?

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I bought a new USB drive and windows now recongnizes it. I downloaded the BIOS from Gigabyte website. Current version was F18, the new version was F21.


Using Qflash from inside the BIOS, i performed the update. It went through some power cycling (which the BIOS said it would), and when it started to reboot, it went to blue screen.


I reset the computer and again, blue screen.


I re-flashed back to old BIOS and got the "windows was shut down improperly...use repair tool or start normally". I chose "normal" and the starting windows graphic came up, froze, then blue screen. I reset again, this time choosing "repair utility". It booted to that screen but froze.


Don't remember how, but finally got to windows. Rebooted into BIOS, chose "optimized defaults", then rebooted. BIOS showing memory bank A at 10-10-10-27 and bank B at 12-12-12-24. In windows, CPUID is showing the memory as 12-12-12-24 at 800MHz.


Rebooted, went into bios, and changed XMP from "normal" to "profile 1", rebooted...back to blue screen.


Went through the blue screen one more time, couldnt get the PC to boot, so decided to flash bios to old version again, and again, blue screen.


Finally got my pc up and running again. Now, in BIOS, if I go under the M.I.T screen, it shows my memory to be 1600MHz, but again, it shows one memory bank to be 10-10-10-27 and the other to be 12-12-12-24.


Load windows, launch cpuid again, and it still shows 800MHz and the 12-12-12-24 timings.


So it appears im not able to run XMP profile, and my memory timings do not match.


Is this supposed to be like this?


Possible I need to just replace the MB? If that is the case, any suggestions for a good LGA1155 Z77 motherboard? Ive always used ASUS in the past, but would take some recommendations.

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