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Corsair TX650 problem??


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Something strange is happening with my PSU Corsair TX650, for example when I'm playing Battlefield 3 or any other game, when I close the game, the PSU fan speeds up and after a few seconds the fan stop.

This started happening after I switched my old HD 7770, for a Zotac GTX650 TI boost.


It's strange because the fan should spin while I'm playing, not when closing the game ...


what can this be?



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hello thank you,

I sent an email to support the corsair, but they have not response.

and I believe that neither will respond.


have you changed your PSU? solve the problem?


My problem started after I changed my VGA HD 7770 to VGA Zotac GTX650 TI by BOOST

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I replaced my power supply. The same place where buying. Problem solved.

With your old video card power consumption is small and the fan on the power supply does not rotate.

AMD Radeon HD 7770- 75-90W

NVIDIA GTX 650Ti Boost- 130-140W !

When you change the video card power consumption increased. And there was a problem.

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Corsair support replied:


I would not worry too much regarding this. When you close the application, it could be drawing additional power, putting the PSU in more load causing the fan to kick on faster.

Rest assured that this will not damage your components. The fan turning on to a higher speed only indicates that its drawing more power from the unit, which put its under load. If you are not happy with your current product, we will be more than happy to replace the unit for you.

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