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H100i LED will not reflect cpu temp


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Just built a new system and cannot get the H100i led to reflect the cpu temps.

4770k 4.5GHz w/ 1.225V- Sabertooth mb

2.4.5110 corsair link version



I did get it to work for a little while, and I don't remember how. I was messing with the settings, moving the led to different groups and it started to work. After I shut my system down and rebooted it a few minutes later, it stopped working again. Just stays on default green color.


Buggy software that isn't quite working yet, or is there something else I can do? Just weird that it did work for a little bit.


I have deleted my profile, uninstalled, and reinstalled using "run as admin".

Doing this actually saved some of my settings from before I uninstalled it. (led cycling color)


Besides that, I am assuming the cooling is working ok. Fan set to default and grouped with H100i


cpu about 30C

Coolant about 25


100% load (just stress cpu test)

cpu about 60

coolant about 29 after a few minutes.


Any help would be helpful.

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