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Corsair 750D grommets


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I am building a liquid cooling in my 750D and I want to place the reservoir outside the case. At the back of the case there are 2 holes meant for tubes.




I pushed through but now I can't find the grommets to protect the tubes. Should they have come with my case or do I need to order them seperatly? The diameter is 29/30 mm.




Tbh, I would appreciate if Corsair can fix this because in my opinion those grommets should be there at the first place. Even my R500 has them (but they are a bit to small). But if anyone knows some good alternatives I would like to hear!


Thx in advance,



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It should have. They are pictured in the product specs page.(bottom right hand side)




I would submit an RMA ticket for the case and ask them for the pass through grommets.

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the hole/rings/metal things are there, but once removed, no grommets (rubber) I had them on the live chat today, a new/revised version of the 750 will come in a couple months... I should have wait, or bought another type... ! its an unfinished case...
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