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Help, possible overheating on H60


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So I woke up this morning to find my computer cycling on/off. It would barely turn on, fans would fire up, then shut off and start all over again. I switched outlets and got it to boot up.


It gave me this message


"Warning!!! The previous performance of overclocking is failed and the system restored to the default settings...."


I was like wtf? So I googled it and it seems that it's some odd issue with a MSI mobo. So I went through a bunch of posts. So it turns out when you get that message it gives 2 options, one to enter settings, and one to reset to default and enter settings. So I tried default and that didn't help.


I kept reading more posts, and it looked like part of the issue is that the default settings conflict with what's installed. So I went back into bios, changed the memory settings, boot priority, enabled ACHI, etc. I disabled all overclocks as well. I got it to boot into windows, albiet a bit slower than usual.


Once I got into the desktop, it was running sluggish. I could open Chrome but it wouldn't scroll smoothly. I would try to reboot, but it went back to the cycle on/off again. I unplugged it, waited a bit, plugged it back in and went into bios. It showed the CPU temp at 97c! I got into windows again, used the hardware monitor program and it showed the same thing. After a bit it would cool down to about 89c but if I did anything it would heat up.


So it looks like it's overheating and shutting down for safety due to the high temps. I checked the HSF and it's in place and it's not loose or anything. I am thinking maybe somehow the settings in BIOS need to be tweaked further, like maybe it's not getting enough voltage or too much voltage. I am no guru when it comes to those things.


Here is a pic of the info I got. Anyone able to help me on this one? If the bios stuff is within range, then I guess I should try reseating the HSF? I've had it running fine for 2 years. Normally it would idle around 36c or so.


Could the H60 be going bad? How would I tell? If I reseat it, will I need to do anything special like reapply some thermal compound? Do I have to clean off the old compound? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here is a pic of the temps and voltages. I let the system sit shut off for a while, when it boots up, it sits at 66-70c but if I start browsing or doing anything it jumps up to 80c.




Silverstone FT-02 case

MSI GD-65 mobo

2500k Intel cpu OC’d to 4.3GHz

16GB Corsair Dominator memory

128GB Crucial M4 SSD

2TB WD Black Edition HD

2TB Seagate HD

EVGA 780GTX OC edition

Acer GD235HZ 23.6 120hz monitor

Lite-On DVD Lightscribe burner

Corsair AX1200 PSU

Corsair H60 HSF unit

Windows 7 Home Premium

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Cyruss, what is the pumps RPM in your BIOS? If the RPM's are low or 0 then yes, you will need to replace the cooler.


It was hooked to sysfan1 on the mobo and in BIOS is showed at a 0. So when I explained the situation to the Corsair phone support rep he knew right away to just replace the pump. So he got me set up with an express RMA and they are shipping a new unit today for me.


Definitely nice to have competent, English-speaking and courteous customer service reps to deal with. He did not make me repeat all the previous troubleshooting I had done like some places do. One time a Logitech support guy asked me to hook my broken mouse to another computer to see if it had the same problem. The problem was the button got pressed in and wouldn't come back up. He refused to help until I told him I tried that. That's poor service.


So I pulled the old H60 off, cleaned off the CPU and got it nice and shiny and ready for the new unit. He said the older versions brackets are the same as the new version so no messing with anything other than taking off the screws for the pump and the screws for the radiator. Really easy.


Definite thumbs up to Corsair's customer service on this one. I will update this once the new unit is up and running.

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OK, got the cooler, got it installed and everything is back to normal. Temps are even better than before. Got my cpu OC'd up to 4.2GHz and everything is rock solid and stable.


I will be keeping an eye on the temps just to make sure everything settles in OK the next few weeks.



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