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CX600 rattling noise


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Hello everyone! English isn't my native language, so I apologize in advance if some of the sentences that I'll write may seem as gibberish. I've had this PSU for nearly two years now and everything was fine, until recently.

About a month ago I've noticed some kind of rattling coming from the PC case. At the time I thought that the noise had something to do with the case fans, maybe the fan blade was rubbing against some wire, or something like that. So I've cleaned the fans and made sure that all the wires are tucked away. And like that - the noise was gone.

But a week ago the noise reappeared, so I repeated the whole process that I've described earlier, sadly, on the very next day it began to rattle again.

I've noticed that simply shutting down the PC and then turning it on again got rid of the noise, but eventually it would come back. So it probably meant that messing around with the fans didn't actually accomplish anything, it was powering off the PC before opening up the case, and then powering it back on again that seemed to fix the problem.

So I've decided to find out where the noise actually was coming from, it was the power supply. But just to make sure that my ears didn't deceive me and it wasn't the GPU fans, or case fans after all, I pulled out everything that had a spinning component to it, except for a CPU fan and the power supply. It definitely was the PSU. Here's how it sounds like - https://soundcloud.com/amdmcm/rattling

You can clearly hear the noise, when you're in the room, even if there's music or a movie playing in the background.

So should I RMA it?

The problem is that the noise doesn't appear as soon as I turn on the PC, at the moment it takes at least six hours.

Or should I contact the local seller from whom I bought the power supply? The problem here is that the law in my country says that they must provide a replacement only if there's no way to repair the product. Otherwise, they simply must repair it, and it's fine, whatever works. But since it seems that I need to have a fan replaced in my PSU, it means that they'll have to take the PSU apart, which will void the warranty and leave the option to RMA in the future unavailable to me.

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Thank you for the information. Oh, and since I've never used any RMA services before, I was lucky I guess, I suspect that Corsair will need some kind of proof of purchase. And the only thing I have is a pretty basic receipt, which only has the name of the company from whom I bought the PSU, date of purchase, and the item cost listed in local currency. No name of the product, or serial number are present. Also, how long does it usually take for the whole RMA process? I'm wondering, since I need my PC for work and I don't have a replacement unit at the moment.
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