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Corsair Hydro H100 on VGA MSI N760 4GB GDDR5


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(pardon my english, I normally speak flemish/dutch)


for those who it might interest :


* I work only with Apple Powermac G5 & Apple Mac Pro (as desktop-systems) > so I found that I had to alter my PC (before in a ThermalTake Shark housing) into a Apple Powermac housing (for uniformity)


* I have cooled my QX9650 with a Corsair Hydro H100


* I (also, after a little technical hocus-pocus) managed to cool my VGA MSI N760 4GB GDDR5 by means of a Corsair Hydro H100 ::pirate::

(it's not my first challenge...) :D:


In short : here are some photo's , hope you like them (I don't do the "neat style", I'm a technician) :D:


If any questions : just ask






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Interesting! :D:


How are the temps?


! with the stock MSI-Gamer-cooler (while gaming, not "hardcore testing") the temps went up to 76°C... :confused:


My VGA-cooling system : 1x Corsair Hydro H100 + 2x Corsair stock fans (in pull-mode > connected on the VGA-fan-connector > (for the time beïng not via the H100-pump)


In idle (surfing & "normal" use) : 26°C (room temp = +/- 24°C)

Gaming... (up to) 52°C :p: (! 24°C better then the stock "Gaming" cooler !) :p:

Hardcore testing (MSI Kombustor V3.3.0 + 8x MSAA)... (up to) 82°C (?!?! > I never reach these temps gaming...) :confused:


Maybe testing it connecting the fans on the pump-bloc (instead of via the vga-fan-connection)...? I didn't put 4 fans on the radiator, to keep the (fan-)noise down... :-/


Update : I (still) never exceed 54°C while (a bit more extreem) gaming (then usually)...

I really wouldn't know where MSI Kombustor gets the 82°C...(?!)

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Update :

I made some changings to my system :


* I put on "some" Enzotech - Graphic Card Memory Heatsinks - BMR-C1 and Swiftech MC14 Self Adhesive Ramsink Cooler (BGA) and Enzotech Passive Mosfet Cooler 10 MOS-C10 on the upper & lower MSI graphics card support-plates (where the vram & sort touch these MSI-plates) >>> :P 72°C instead of 82°C while stress testing


* I put some Coolink Swif2-801 above & below (pointing these Ramsink coolers >>> :P even colder :P


I'll do more testing & update this later :-)

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