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H100i device oddities


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Every time I sleep or restart the computer my set up devices reports 0c/rpm and a new set of devices show up to the left in Link/System (the new ones work fine, untill I reboot when they are replaced by yet a new set).


This is the 5110 version of Link and running on 64bit Win 8 Pro.


Any ideas?

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It's in the drop down menu...Win8.1 and ASUS Asus Z87-Deluxe


Good point and I will try and remember to look before asking silly questions.


I have had similar problems with an Intel X79-based mobo where the CPU temp would go to 0c and the fan would go to 0rpm as well. I was experiencing a conflict between two hardware monitoring software applications that the hardware I/O device couldn't contend with.


If you are running two such apps, maybe try and uninstall one of them and see what happens.

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