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I will try to be as straight to the point as I can. A couple years ago I bought a psu Corsair AX650, because I thought I would not have many problems with a gold standard psu, (the 750 was out of stock, and I needed it asap, since my work depends on it), and I did my homework and found that the corsair psus seemed to have an odd amount of complaints about doa, but luckyly that was not my case, and I managed to


So at the beginning of this year the computer simply stopped turning on, and after fiddling with it for a bit I found that if I tried plunging in and out of the wall socket a few times I did manage to turn it on, so i figured somehow the button on the case stopped working. I got pretty mad at the time, but I couldn't afford to not have the computer to rma the case, and despite being an annoyance I could live with it.. after some time you even get used to it..

But it seemed that with time it got harder to manage to turn it on, requiring each time more connects and disconnects from the plug to make it work. So two months ago it just turned off, and it was when I realized that there was something wrong other than the case button.


After making a research I found out that this was actually a very well known problem with the corsair cases (at least the AX ones) and I could find a lot of people reporting the same problem. That's when I realized I had to rma the psu before it would get too bad, but I decided to wait a little longer because I currently live in Brazil, and to send it to Canada it would cost me a fair amount of money and probably take over a month to get there, and there wait another month for them to send it back to me.. And I heard I could ask corsair to send the psu to me before I send mine to them, so there would be a solution, I thought..

So a couple weeks ago it started to get really nasty, It simply turned off every 30 minutes and to manage to turn it back on I have to try extensively , many times simply failing and having to give up.. I even found a video where a guy with the same problem manages the problem rooting the psu, which did help, but the computer is simply impossible to use at the moment, so I finally decided to fill the rma up, despite the costs I would have (hopefully I don't have to pay import taxes, since its the substitution of a faulty product?) but on the first page I already see a big problem, to use the express shipment, I have to somehow manage to deliver them the psu in 15 days (which I think is possible, but I would have to pay special post, which would be well over half the price of the psu, what makes absolutely no sense..)..


So can the support give me any light here?

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Corsair will work with you if you cant meet the deadline. Just proceed with the RMA and if you need more time you can always log back in to your ticket and request an extension.


All you really need to do is provide them with a tracking number within those 15 days. The PSU doesn't necessarily have to reach the dept in that time. As long as they know it's on the way and it can be verified you should be just fine.

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