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Vengenace 1500 + Vent Problems


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Hi all; I've had my 1500's for about a year now and they're great. I recently decided I want to run ventrilo in talk to activate mode and discovered some...issues...


1) When monitoring, it records Abs Zero most of the time- even when i'm speaking....but when i test, it never misses a beat- no stuttering, clipping, or anything.

2) [i believe this may be related to #1] I can't find a sensitivity that works - The difference in always transmitting and never transmitting is immediate - i can't find a middle sensitivity that works...



That said....after updating my drivers, I had everything working last night and now it's screwed up again after I shut down and restarted.


Last night, I found in the windows recording device options for the vengeance mic, I had an enhancements tab- applying a 200 db low pass filter immediately solved my issues. So, when i noticed it was messed up again this morning, i went back to check that setting.... I have no enhancements tab now. I also notice that I no longer have the corsair control panel where i can set output to 7.1 surround, speakers, etc. I only have 'corsair headset software' in my start menu, but that only opens a toolbar icon.



Please help!



Windows 7 64 bit

Corsair vengeance 1500 w/ newest drivers from corsairs website ((Non-beta))

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