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AX-1200i RMA info required please? Corsair employee please

vapor matt

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Hi, I had a AX-1200i PSU failure. I contacted corsair for a speedy RMA which i have to say was first class service. arrived in 2 days so i Installed new PSU and everything is fine, with a bonus of no clicking fan noise. so iam very happy:D:


Now i sent back the old PSU with the ticket supplied via the RMA process and it was delivered to corsair signed for on the 18th of november at 11.17am


Now when i check my ticket info it still says processing.

(ticket number 6248510)


I have had no confirmation from corsair that the PSU had arrived only the signed for info from the courier company that it had arrived, also ive had no confirmation that the charge against my Credit card has been removed either.


the RMA ticket still says processing? can somone please confirm that my RMA has been processed and the charge has been removed from my credit card please.


it seems a shame that the first class service of replacement has been spoilt by the follow up info from the RMA of the faulty PSU.



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