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RMA on my H55


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I just have to say I am totally impressed with the service you have given me in returning my dead H55, I only bought it 2 days ago but unfortunately the pump was very noisey and when I tried to return it to store in the UK they said it would take 2-3 weeks for them to order a new one.


I RMA'd it on Thursday (Yesterday) and it is already out for delivery here in the UK today from the Netherlands!


Thats very impressive but also very handy as last night the pump actually gave up and I thought I was going to be without a PC over the weekend.


Nice job though guys it has restored my faith in Corsair and I just hope my RMA for the side window from my 540R case is just as smooth because it arrived with marks all over the inside of it.


But a definite thumbs up for service from me!

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