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Will Corsair Obsidian 800D Ever Come Down In Price (UK)


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I've kept my eye on this case for over 18 months yet it never seems to fall below £200 despite Obsidian 900D being released. I don't feel I can justify spending so much on a computer case although I did notice Dabs Outlet on eBay sold off 11 units with 10 units being sold to a single seller at £105.66 each delivered! Seems highly suspicious after deducting 20% VAT & £10 delivery they must have broke even or made a loss and I'm really mad that I missed out by 1 month. I wouldn't mind paying £165 to £175 but it's mostly priced at £230 and now £240 at Amazon so is actually going up in price over the years.


P.s I'm not ready to buy yet as I'm planning on purchasing a new build in a year or so as my current entry level store bought pc is 8 & 1/2 years old but I plan to spend like £1600 in total (Includes monitor at several hundred)


How much did everyone else pay for their 800 or 900D ?

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