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Help: IPAD and corsair voyager


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Hallo from Vienna, Austria

I am considering to buy a corsair voyager, but reading additional information about the iOS app, I found a point which makes me thinking if its is the right solution!

I got an IPAD AIR 128 to back up my photos (Sony nex files) and in case I get out of memory on my Ipad I want to copy it to Voyager!

The info's on corsair homepage says: with IOS app I can only download files to voyager, if they are taken with the IOS device (IPAD)???????

Has anybody tried to download non-IOS device photos to voyager.

Talking to guys from Apple, they were astonished, because they can't see any difference between photos with or without IOS-device!

P.s. there is no camera roll on IPAD only Photos!

PLS, help!

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As long as files are in an apple-compatible format, they will play back fine via the voyager air app. Any JPEG photo file works fine. As far as video goes, mp4 and m4v file work without problems. I have tons of photos taken with several digital cameras on my voyager air and I have never found one that wouldn't display.
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