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Running W8 on usb, like a hdd - not CD like.


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I already managed to fix usb sticks with startup bootmenu and be able to INSTALL any Windows OS to harddisk, installing the way as from a CD/DVD.

I tried to install/run W8 os on different USB sticks.

In one case i was successfull with a icidu 16 gb usb stick, and using FLASHBOOT (Prime-expert.com). I have read warnings on this forum from corsair guys about corrupting a stick doing so. The W8 OS worked a short time on a few pc's, booting from the stick, then it broke and couldn't be fixed again. This USB flash drive died.

When I install W8 on a USB (3) external notebookdrive, there is no problem at all. Running W8 from external USB WD (My Passport) is very easy, MS has it in the list of certified Win-to-GO. But it also worked with other brands of external usb notebook drives.

Whatever I do, flipping bits, using many bootmanagers, different sizes of usb flash drives, I never could make a running W8 OS again on a stick. Must say, I did not use MS Win2Go certified types.

- Does SomeOne know a way to use other than certified usb sticks, and make it possible to run W8 from any Corsair usb stick?

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