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Fan screws, with fans?


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I just mounted the H100i in my new Obsidian 750D (looks great) and thinking of doing a push/pull on the rad. To do that I need an additional 4 of the long fan screws with washers though (4 already came with the case).

Now I wonder if anyone can tell me if when I buy additional/replacement Corsair fans if the long screws comes with them or just the short ones?

I asked for them from Corsair and was told I have to buy the 8 screw set, they are reasonable priced, but I'd have to pay a $15 shipping fee for a $2.50 item which blows.

I've been looking around and can't find black ones of the proper specs and other cooling kits seems to use 30mm ones and not 32mm as was specced to me as needed.

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