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Something I've noticed about overheating Hydro coolers


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I built my all-new PC with brand-new parts in January 2012. I had a H100 in it. Initially, my temps were awesome and I left my PC on 24/7 straight for a year. My temps stayed great. Then I noticed a lot of dust build-up on the radiator. I cleaned the radiator and booted-up the PC. My temps dropped. Then, to reduce dust build-up, I started shutting-down my PC every night. This is when my temps went up immensely and I had to RMA the cooler.


Basically, what I am saying is that if you have good temps when you initially install the cooler and leave the PC on 24/7, you should have good temps all the time. It is when you start power-cycling the PC everyday that the H100/H100i starts having issues.


Am I wrong? I don't know but it is just an observation. Seems the Hydro coolers don't like power-cycles?

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