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Terrible first experience


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Two days ago I purchased a refurbished Corsair K60 mechanical keyboard from the Corsair website. A few hours ago I received the package.


I open the box only to find that my keyboard has layers upon layers of dirt, dead skin, HAIR, oh so much hair a friggin husky must have been using the damn thing. There were also what looked like crumbs of bread, brown sticky matter smeared all over the keyboard edges. It was absolutely disgusting.


Not only was the keyboard disgustingly dirty, but FOUR of the keys would get stuck every time I pressed them. I even tried cleaning that human dump of a keyboard, thinking that it would fix the problem with the keys, but my efforts were fruitless.


Now I know that "refurbished" doesn't mean brand new, but for God's sake people, do you even check the merchandise before sending it out to customers?


I went online, filed an RMA, bought shipping and sent that disgusting piece of garbage back to Corsair. I had to buy shipping because someone at Corsair screwed up.


I just want to make sure this doesn't happen again. Send me a keyboard that isn't a freaking trash can!

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Hello Technobeard, and thanks for the response.

Unfortunately I had already sent the keyboard without calling. The package was delivered yesterday. How long will it take you guys to ship me another keyboard?


My ticket# is 6279968.

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