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90GB SSD Think it might be dead


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So i have a Sata 3 force 90GB Drive. In my main computer it was my OS Drive, turned the system on today and windows 1/2 way loads then after the spinning ball windows logo the computer just freezes. I tried putting in a OS CD and the same deal, the system freezes when it attempts to access the SSD for either the system repair or install. So i put the drive in another computer as a 2ed Harddrive and windows freezes about at the same point. However after about 5 min windows gets past the freeze and loads. But the SSD is not showing up in the device manager, or in the corsair toolbox or firmware updater. However, again, the drive does show up inside the system bios on both computers. Is there anything else i can try outside of a RMA? Maybe some sort of DOS Based firmware updater?
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