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Vengeance 1300 MIC noises


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I have a vengeance 1300 headset and am pretty happy with it so far.


I use it on skype with friends almost daily without any complications.

But recently, they have started complaining about my mic making very loud static noises (like a screeching noise or tv static).


I have tried to locate the problem and it seems to occur every time i move my head and the small volume/mic controller hits or moves across the table (doesn't even have to be hard or anything). It has even happened a few times when i was just muting or unmuting the mic.


Is there anything i can do to "fix" or prevent this issue? or is this a valid issue for an RMA?


I could also just try to find some new friends who appreciate my Corsair gaming gear, but hey, who does that these days... right?


Thanks in advance.




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