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360GB Force GS SSD Issue on Soft Restart of Windows 7

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I have a Lenovo T520 laptop that came with a 128 GB SSD. I just purchased a 360GB Force GS SSD. I swapped in my new drive, booted with my 4 Lenovo recovery/boot DVDs and freshly installed Windows 7 onto the new SSD. Everything worked fine until I soft restarted the system. When I do that I get the error on boot "2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD)"


If I hold down power and hard shut down and then reboot cold it works fine.


I've played around with BIOS settings (AHCI or not, boot order, locking boot order, etc) with no success.


I've seen other threads on this site with these same issues. I installed the Corsair SSD Toolbox and confirmed my firmware is 5.20.


  • Is this is a firmware issue?
  • Is this is a Windows 7 driver issue?
  • Is this a SSD hardware issue?
  • Is this a Lenovo hardware issue?


Thanks in advance

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