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K70 Keyboard not recognised


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I recieved a brand new Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard yesterday (Black, with red switches/red backlight) - I was very impressed with it during my first few hours, all LED's working, responsive (I connected the keyboard AFTER the PC was powered on)


then i powered off my computer and the problems started...


Every single time i boot up my computer without exception, the keyboard keys are unresponsive (in the UEFI and Windows 8.1) and the backlight appears to be on the lowest setting (possibly lower, you can barely see the light). The keyboard shows as "USB Device not recognised" in Windows.


If i reconnect the USB cable, the keyboard works perfectly again until i power off.


I have tried all 4 of the "bios switch" settings, updated the firmware to v1.09, disabled/enabled 'Legacy' in the UEFI and also changed the "USB Initialization" to Full (was set to partial before)


I have a brand new ASUS Maximus VI Hero motherboard, running the latest UEFI. The keyboard is connected to USB 2.0 sockets (tried USB 3.0 with same results) Other USB Keyboards work fine with this motherboard, i don't understand!?


Have i just got a duff keyboard? or is there something im missing?

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I just bought a gunmetal grey blue backlit K70.


Plugged it in, didn't work, it did light up for a minute, then poof, started disconnecting reconnecting. The three indicator lights on the three buttons up top light up everytime it connects/disconnects from the USB interface. Tried moving the selector switch around to different settings and nothing.

Switched to a different machine, my laptop. Plugged it in, same thing.


Defective right OOTB. Was going to exchange for a new one, but based on all the LED problems and the fact that it was dead right OOTB I might just return it and look elsewhere. Seems like corsair is really damaging their own reputation with this thing, quality control issues seem to plague their mfg'ing or design.


It's a really cool keyboard, I love it, I wish it worked, I'd even keep it if some of the LEDS on it busted (which would really suck anyways) but.. alas, it don't work right OOTB.

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Tested mine on another PC, same problem, faulty OOTB too.


Returning mine for a refund. I really don't want another one after reading lots of other complaints regarding disconnecting and LEDs.


Damn shame as it looks so good, fit in with my PC's theme perfectly. Will be looking elseware for a new keyboard....


Get your act together Corsair!!

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