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Issues after Vengeance 2000 RMA


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Hello again! Today I received my replacement Vengeance 2k for my previous RMA, where the hinges had broken. Well, now I seem to have another issue with the replacement pair..


For some odd reason, this headset seem to have some sort of grounding issue whenever I charge it. If I have the USB cable plugged into my computer, there's this constant low pitch background noise, however, when I touch my computer case or my keyboard (a K60 keyboard), the noise stops. Thinking this could be something wrong with my computer, I hooked the headset up to an external charger, and the noise itself stopped.


Now this is the interesting part; Whenever I pull the microphone boom down, the static is back. I pull out the charger, and the static is gone. This is only noticeable with the external charger, as it's a constant buzz whenever I use it hooked up to my computer anyway.


My previous pair had no such issues at all, and I have borrowed and used a pair while the previous pair was RMA'd, with no issues either. Thus I can conclude that there's nothing wrong with my computer at least.


What do I do? Do I RMA these as well? If so, I would REALLY hate to have to pay for the shipping one more time..

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