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Another of those fan questions


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I'm getting my H100i and Obsidian 750D tomorrow and for my build I'm thinking of having front, bottom and rear sucking air into the case then using push/pull on the radiator to push the air out through it.

Now I wonder what you suggest for the P/P setup. I'm thinking static pressure on the bottom ones sending air into the radiator, but for the top ones, pulling air and out through roof went? SP or airflow? (thinking af as they won't need much pressure, but good if they move as much air as possible helping the lower fans).

Am I thinking right here or completely out cycling?

As for so much intake, to create positive pressure and bottom will help gfx card and front intake cool HDs, rear intake is directly for the radfans.

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Ah, thank you. Performance i guess as I will get the PWM version and and can always tune it down a bit for sound and still have the push if needed.


On a remotely related side note, why can't there be alternate versions of fans (blow direction) if companies work on making them look good with color rings like Corsairs as often all the aesthetics are hidden anyway because the fans direction doesn't fit your needs/mounting. Maybe even exchangeable shrouds with the fan blade so you get the one good looking core and select the shroud that will push the air in the correct direction... just saying ;) (don't take me to serious)

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