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M95 - pressing a macro button will release my click


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Ok so i just received my M95 today as a replacement for my M90 RMA.


I've set it up the exact same way as i did with the M90.



If im holding down my left or right click, and press a macro button, it will also release my click that i was holding.



playing any MMO, holding the left or right click will pan the camera or change direction of my character, while doing so, i want to use a macro key to do an ability, i press it, the macro works, but now i've lost my panning or character direction control and must reclick again.


I did not exhibit this with the M90, i can hold the click for as long as i want while using macros freely.


It is very frustrating in a situation like above. is there any settings that im missing?


im running the latest FW and software.

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