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Vengeance 1500 Headset Software issue


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Hi All,

Sorry if its a lengthy post, i've included images to help. So i had the vengeance 1500 7.1 headset for quite some time and a couple of months ago the headset software stopped working when i would open it and the lights on the mute button would cycle from blue and red. naturally i thought this is a hardware issue and i got a RMA, once i had it replaced and plugged the new one in the same problem persisted. So now i thought it was a software issue, i uninstalled both the hardware driver and headset software and re-installed them again but the problem was still there.


When the headset wasn't plugged in i could see the icon for the software.



When i plug the Headset in the icon disappears, also if i try to start the headset software if would completely freeze.

(img1.5 + img3)


To follow on from this i checked the event viewer to see what the issue was and this is the log i was presented with;



On top of this i also noticed that when i disabled the Mic in the recording devices the headset software works completely fine.



However when i enabled The Mic again the software would stop working again. If anyone knows the solution to this i would greatly appreciate it. To further help i have installed software version 2.0.16 as well as the beta version and previous versions with no fix.






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