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h80i: 1 fan stops after 10sec


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I just installed the h80i.

When I start my computer, both fans (fanA and fanB) run at full speed, and after 10sec, fanA stops working.

I tried to switch the connector (included Y cable) to fanA to fanB, and this time fanB stops.


I connected both sata power and 3-pin pump RPM.


Motherboard: asus maximus V gene

CPU: intel i5 3570k

power supply: 650w

OS: win8 Japanese (but I installed English langage pack)


Why only 1 fan is working ?

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I was wondering if there is not a special setting in the bios I should do ?


On my motherboard, I have a "fan opt". I will try to connect the second fan there and post the result tonight. Now I have to work but it's difficult to focus thinking about this problem ;)

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When I connect the second fan to the motherboard, then both fans are working!


I hope it's just a setting I missed and my h80i is not broken ?

Otherwise, it's the second product in a row from Corsair that is not working properly. Last time was my RAM, I had to send it back...

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