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H100i and Obsidian 750D


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apologies first if this has been discussed in this thread already....


I have the H100i + Corsair 750d and have the RAD mounted on top.


currently I have it setup such as -


> case > RAD > Fan in a pulll/intake configuration


and I"m thinking to reverse that so that it becomes


< Case < RAD < Fans or;

< Case < Fan < RAD


which of the above 2 is more efficient? also to mention I'll be keeping the 750d dust filter.


thanks alot.

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According to Corsair's installation guide, mounting it in the >Case>Rad>Fan method with the fans in pull is recommended. Personally, the differences are very small. Mostly, it comes down to how convenient you want your mounting to be. Mounting the fans to the radiator (after the radiator is mounted to the case) is a bit easier than mounting the fans & rad to the case, but it's really personal choice.


On whether to have the fans as intake or outflow really depends on the other fans in the case. The more fans you have on intake, the more fans you can have on outflow and still maintain at least some positive air pressure. Experiment or draw up a quick sketch and post the sketch here for some help on creating the optimal airflow for your system.


I personally run push/pull outflow ( <case<fans<rad<fans ), and run the fans at a slower speed in order to decrease noise, which works great for that purpose.

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In a single sided fan config, you want them to PUSH air through the radiator... so it should be...





Intake might a few degrees off, or have near no affect... depends on how hot your case is running. I do mine as exhaust just to cut down on dust, since that "dust filter" up top is hardly a filter.

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Not sure if true, but I've set things up so there will be a positive pressure inside the case which *I think* should help prevent inside the case. Was planning on Push/Pull, but not sure if it's actually needed as things run quite cool anyway. (H100i temp 25c and CPU 30c or so).
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