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Corsair Link Problems - Commander and Nodes


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Hi all.


Just completed my new build and put corsair link on it.


It is picking up the basics (CPU, H100i Stats, SSD/HDD temps)


However there is a corsair link cooling and lighting kit installed with a GPU node.


I have installed all cables etc... a:mad: per diagrams on the corsair site however the link software doesn't seem to be picking up any of the fans or lights. :mad:


Sounds like a commander problem. I've read a lot about people having the same issue and that there is a firmware update to make the PC recognize that the commander is plugged into the USB header.


I've spent hours now browsing online for a solution. Does anybody on here know?


Any help and advice would be appreciated. :confused:

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Hi Guys,


Cheers for the quick response.


I am running the latest version of corsair link and the green led on the link commander is lit.


It may be a firmware issue, I have read that you manually need to update the firmware?


Do you have a link from where to get it? and a guide as how to do it?

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