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Hi guys, i have some questions about the 330R, i hope you can help me...


- is the 330R good for a gaming pc (I7 920 step 0, P6t x58, hd 7870, 12gb vegeance ram, hx650w) ?Will it stay cool?

- if i mount a radiator or two fans on top, should i remove the top cover when using it?

-should i open the front panel in summer (30-37 C° room temp)?

- if i mount a h60 hydro on the rear, when the top is closed, how the hot air will go out from the case?


Tanks for your help.

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  • Corsair Employees

The 330R is perfectly fine for a gaming PC with those specs.


If you mount the radiator to the top, you'll want to remove the top cover. If you mount an H60 to the rear, I'd recommend mounting it as an exhaust instead of an intake, which will allow you to leave the top cover on.

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Thanks, but if i mount the H60 as exhaust i will pull hot air in the radiator?

If i mount the two top fans as intake with the top cover mounted, will i have still positive air pressure?

I love this case but i have 30° (and more sometimes) in my room...i have to be sure i will not cook my gaming rig...

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