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New K95 Spacebar Issue


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Just received my new K95 over the weekend. Overall I'm pretty impressed and pleased with it. Hammered a couple of FPS type games and and MMO, and it's not half bad.


However, the spacebar design doesn't seem to have as much thought given to it as the rest of the keyboard.


Although it has a cherry red under theRE, it still suffers from the same spacebar issue othat you get on any cheap keyboard ie: it wobbles Quite a bit before you actually press it. This is slightly annoying as you get quite tactile / audible click before it engages. The fact that the other keys sound nice makes it all the more noticable.


Can anyone with the K95 confirm this is how they all are? Is there a mod that anyone knows of or would o-rings maybe help?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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