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Corsair 350D Front PSU Mod

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This is a very simple mod for the 350D which does not involve in cutting, drilling or sawing. I am very lazy with power tools and I don't have time to engage in long modding projects due to work.


Recently I changed to R9 290X Crossfire on my main 650D rig, so the no longer favored poor ol' GTX 770s in SLI were moved to my secondary 350D rig. I originally didn't plan for a SLI/CF dual card setup for my second computer so I went for the MATX route and the 350D.


The SLI setup posed a little problem as the video cards were too close to each other than I wished and airflow was less than optimal for the Primary SLI card, so I decided to mod the case.


Main Parts:

Asus Gryphon Z87 MATX MB

2x MSI GTX 770s N770 TF 4GD5/OC Twin Frozr Gaming in SLI

Seasonic X850 PSU

Pioneer BD-Writer

Plextor M5P 256GB SSD

Corsair H110 Cooling


I figured out that the PSU can be mounted to the front intakes by utilizing the existing 120mm fan's screws on the PSU. This would fit the front intake mount for sure as the 350D is configured for 120/140mm fans, and I don't have to drill or break any warranty seals. This way I can install the secondary SLI card one slot downwards, so there is one slot in between the cards.



- Philips screwdriver

- Zip-ties

- Power cable with a low profile L-shaped IEC connector for PSU

Note: The PSU's depth must not exceed 150mm otherwise it wont fit in a sideways orientation like my mod. PSU fan must be 120 or 140mm.



Modding Procedure:


1. Remove three screws from the PSU fan. Do not remove all four, otherwise the fan could fall inside the PSU and you will have to break open the warranty seal to fix the fan. Save these three screws.


2. Place the PSU sideways, orient the PSU so that PSU fan faces the front of the 350D, and the modular connector side is on the same side as the back of the motherboard (wire routing "spaghetti mess" side), and align the PSU fan to the existing 120mm or 140mm fan holes on the front.


3. Screw back the three screws removed in Step 1.


4. Attach the L-shaped IEC power cable, and route it anyway you wish to the back.


5. Tie up the cables neatly with Zip-ties otherwise the side panel will bulge out.


Optional Mods:


1. Wire mesh to cover the original PSU mounting hole and a rubber gasket to hold the IEC power supply cable


2. Mod the existing 120mm exhaust fan in the back to the exterior of the case. This would give more room for 280mm radiator or the Corsair H110


Finished Mod:













1. Better air circulation for the SLI config

2. Wire routing is much neater as the modular PSU cables come out from the wiring side of the case

3. I can still install a 120mm intake fan and keep one SSD mount and the two 3.5" HDD cage.

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It certainly ingenious. I've never seen anyone do that before.


The only thing I would be concerned with exhausting your PSU air into your case. Not to mention not having enough room to properly breath that close to the side panel.


Have you run long period of times under full load with the sides on?

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