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Ram / MB problem?


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I recently posted about a problem with two ram sticks.


Well in short the board I was using wouldnt boot after that so I bought another one.


I put it in and get set up and ready to format windows. The two boards are the same so I wasnt expecting any problems.


Booted up and the bios read all my drives and so forth so I set boot order and reboot to format windows drive.


Soon as I hit ender for new instillation it loads the BSOD with a 0x0A Driver IRQ not less or equal error.


I tried to boot to safe mode and as expected it listed a bunch of missing files..drivers mostly that it needed to load windows.


I dont believe the stick of ram went bad when I had the problems before but I havnt ruled it out.


The problem from before:


the 512 stick im using now ive had for a while...I wanted to upgrade to 1 gig so I orderd another stick of the same ram. When it got here I put it in and couldnt get it to post or either stick to power up on the board after that.


I posted in these forums and was tols that the chips used on the two sticks were produced by different companies and wouldnt work together. So im in the process of getting rid of the sticks and buying a TwinX set that has been tested together. But untill I get those ive been using my origonal stick that was in before everything went wrong.



Is it possible that the stick im using (the origonal) has gone bad and is causing my problem?


Im using the DFI LanPary NFII Ultra B mother board, and one CL2 512 - 3200 with led's. No componant in the computer changed aside from the MB. The new one is probably a newer rendition but in the end is the same board.


I hadnt thought so since it posts and powers up and works, if it is thats fine. But if possible I would like to know now before I spend the money on the TwinX a little sooner than I had expected.


Sorry for the length of the post and thanks for any help you may provide!

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DFI LanPary NFII Ultra B

Athlon 2600 XP +

Geforce 4 Ti 4600

XMS 512 - 3200 CL2

WD 7200 120 gig

WD 7200 180 gig


As far as bios ill edit post tonight once I get home with exact settings,

everything should be at its default right now, I dont know frequency and multiplyer off my head, but power should be at 1.65 - 1.70 on Vcore and Dimm should be at 2.6 - 2.65. Again ill edit post later with exact settings.



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