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k90 toped working


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I wa cleaning my dek today when I unplugged my k90 from my PC, cleaned my desk, and pluged it back in. I cant remember if the PC was started or not, but I think it was never on today.


anyway, the only thing that works is the lights (cant change the brightness) and the volume wheel.


its like its simply not registering anything. ive tried on 3 different pcs....same problem every time....


reinstalled drivers, fresh drivers on new PC, no drivers on fresh PC....same problems



it still should be under warranty..... just saying...ive treated it fairly nice....and IDK why it would just stop working after 2 years of flawless performance (except some times it will..like I press D and it goes ddddddddddd till I hit a new key...


but I cant use my main gaming PC....ill bump this when the help people come back

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