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Another TX750M issue, don't want another defective one


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RMA #: 6257953


I'm having the fan controller/buzz noise on my TX750M as lots of other people are too. I submitted for RMA, and one of the representatives is currently hooking me up with an RMA. However, almost every single person who rma'd theirs got the same issue with their replacement.


I want to know if I'm going to get another lemon or not (probably yes). I'm really getting fed up with the noise and the last thing I want is two defective PSU's in a row.


If any representative could set up a different model or something to be arranged for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.


I know 100% it's my PSU that's doing the noise. I just don't want another one with the same exact problem.



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hunter32tz, I am sorry bnut this is something that can not be handled here in the forums..


You can either log back into your ticket or call CS by phone and ask them about changing models or even testing your PSU before they ship it. But generally they will not change models under an RMA. You would get another TX750M

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