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M95 has rare jerks when moving


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this is my third M95 mice. The 2 others has faulty thumb keys.


Since about 1 week I thought, that sometimes (very rare), the windows arrow dont stay where I want, but it goes a few milimeters further as where I want. This is specially when I want to point to a exact position, like to rename something.


Today I finally am sure, there the mice has a rare jerk. If I go with the arrow slowly from one side to the other of the monitor and back, I can clearly see, that the arrow sometimes for a milisecond freezes and then continues. I think, that this can not be normal :confused:


I have set 1 ms and 5000 dpi in the hardware mode. I also have tried other ports, but is the same.


Because I slowly have the nose full of return mices to Amazon, I would like to know, if someone of you knows something about this. So I can take a decision of change the mice with another or definitively send the mice back and search for another.


Normaly it is no problem, but sometimes the arrow "jumps over the target also", and that is for such a expensive mice not acceptable. Also this bugs me, because I then as to correct the leap.


Now I would like to know, if someone of you has the same problem and also,

1. if this is a driver problem on my windows and what I can do to know it

2. the mice has a hardware defective and how to test it

3. this is normal in this mices with high dpi


Thanks in forward.

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Hi Toasted,


thanks for your help again :):


The precision feature is off (for that I have another profile, that is not active) and I have already blown the dust away. Furthermore my table is clean and the mouse is about 2 weeks old.


This is the 3. one, that they send me. The first and second one had slack keys or the some keys had no pressure point. But I cant remember, that they had this problem (but not very sure).


I have yesterday sent a email to Amazon, and now they send me the fourth one. If the problem is still there, thats a problem for me, because I dont know what to do. Maybe is my Windows :confused:


If the new mice is OK, then the problem is solved :biggrin:


What is curious, my first one M95 was a white one. This one was OK and no problems (but the surface was too glossy and the hands glued). And from the black line, many problems in the manufacture of.


I really love this mice, but this jerks bug nervs me.



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