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H100i buzzing fan RMA question


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So before I pull the trigger on a $94 Express RMA for the full kit, is there an easier way to do this, just updating the fans?


Typical problem after doing some research, fans plugged into the pump make really annoying sounds below 1200 RPM, which is right in my cooling sweet spot, and they really complain below 1000 RPM. Fans plugged into my motherboard's CPU PWM headers also aren't happy at low RPM, and I'm not happy at high RPM either though the fans seem healthy at this speed.


Pump firmware is updated to 1.07, using Link 2.4.5110 and Hydro USB 2.00. Can't see the lot number without tearing my system apart, but it was purchased from Scan Malta on 20/11/2013.


My current work-around is using a pair of SP120 3-pin fans (the twofer kit, no PWM kits available locally in Malta AFAIK) controlled by my motherboard chassis fan headers. It's not ideal as I'm always fighting the speed since it's based on chassis temps, though the red rings look hella cool.


I really wanted to use the Link software to control the fans, and I have an AX860i en-route from Amazon to replace my trusty but analog CX750.


As for Link itself, I managed to diddle the Win8.1 registry to get Link working, the pump works well (a little more noise than I hoped but livable, if it quiets down over time that's just gravy), and the system is installed and working great, keeping my 4.6Ghz 3570K just a hair over 70C worst case with IBT.


Other than that very annoying stock low-speed fan noise similar to what others have described, I'm very pleased with the unit. What next?

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I bought the cooler new last Wednesday, it came with 4-pin fans that look very much like SP120 fans, but with gray blades, no trim ring mount, and also appears to have LED mounting points in the frame, if that helps ID them.


Currently running 3-pin SP120 fans off my motherboard, those fans were bought on Friday afternoon (along with 3 AF-140 case fans and a €45 Corsair metal mouse pad). It's a fresh build assembled last Thursday evening after the motherboard and RAM arrived. Well, except for the CX750 PSU, which is 5 months old and had to be used since my AX860i is still in transit from Amazon UK, and the mouse/keyboard.


Heh, now that I think about it, this is a really Corsair heavy-build (H100i, AX860i, Vengeance Pro 2133, 5 fans, and mouse pad).


I should also mention that my old build (2600K in a P8P67 Pro) used a H80 cooler for almost a year and I was happy with that unit noise-wise, but it never left Low settings. Would have used those fans ran off my motherboard but I'm selling it with my old system soon as I can put the CX750 back in it. :)

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