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Link and 3/4 pin fans (PWM) and misc other


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I must say I love what I've seen of Link so far, so much it inspired me to go much farther with a computer refresh than I had planned to.

Currently I have a Hydro H100i lying part assembled on my table waiting for more parts and I can't wait to link it up. Also getting a AX760i PSU, 2400MHz Vengeance Pro (Gold), Asus Z87-Deluxe and a Intel i5 4670K and everything to be housed in a brand new Obsidian 750D case.

For now I think I will stick with Windows 8 as I had some problems with Windows 8.1 (several dead SSDs in short time, won't mention brand but keyword is "panic locked") so there shouldn't be any Link problems there I think?


I have some thought's questions though.

I noticed all Link fan cables are 4 pin, do Link need 4 pin and PWM for optimal functioning? The reason I wonder is as all the case fans in the obsidian is 3 pin non-PWM from what I can tell (And Corsair doesn't seems to make PWM 140mm fans).


The H100i hooks straight into motherboard with USB cable and the AX760i comes with a internal USB dongle, which do I use, do I need both and use up 2 internal USB 2.0 headers?


Was thinking about getting the cooling node for Link as well, but I've seen quite a bit about melting cables, ticking fans etc when browing around and wonder what caused all that and if it's all sorted by now (Also again, the 3/4 pin fan and PWM question).


Think that's it for now, any ideas and advice (as well as guidance and explanations) are welcome!

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adding up all the individual products i have in my builds from corsair such as psu,hydro's,fans,link ect. it totals to more than 40 or so components,,with only one failure and to me thats exceptional.

considering that this is a support forum,problems is what you will see as those without problems very rarely have reason to post

that being said considering the large volume corsair sells,their failure rate is very low.


dont let the limited problems here sway your interest in trying out what your interested in

also you can connect the 760i into the hydro which will free up a usb slot

the link does use 4 pwm pwm fans for controlling fan curves

and just my opinion but i feel corsair will expand their offering of pwm fans in varying sizes in the near future

least thats what im hoping;):

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So basically replace the case fans that comes with the obsidian for PWM ones? (But will they work temp until I do even though the aren't 4p PWM ones?)


yes but will likely spin full.,,but there are some 3pin that are controllable with the link,its just that pwm are better and more consistent

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