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Cooling advice for 350D with H100i


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Hi all,


Sorry for the long-ish questions, but even after reading a lot about other people's builds I'm still indecisive about my cooling setup for my upcoming 350D build. Here are my 3 biggest questions:


AF or SP at the front?

I haven't got the case yet, but from photos/videos the front intake seems quite restricted - for this reason, would I be better off with SP fans here?


120mm or 140mm at the front?

If SP fans are better, I guess this doesn't matter... but some people have said that 2x 140mm in the front are actually worse than 2x 120mm because of the tight spacing. Is this correct?


Quiet or performance?

I'd really like to keep the build quiet, which is why I'm only going for a 4.2GHz overclock and I'm considering using all quiet series fans. However, I don't want to compromise stability or push the components to their limit. Will quiet series fans be enough?


Here's a mockup image of my thoughts:




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