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Tutorial: Fix loudness on any headset


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Confirmed it works on normal sound cards. I like how when you edit and save the text file it automatically adjusts the gain. Be nice to have a gui.


Make this a sticky please!! I'm sure that the windows CP setting for 'Loudness' will do the same but this allows us more control. Nice find.


I found an Editor.exe in the install folder. It might be from the EQ APO - GUI that I found linked on the sourceforge page if you don't have it. It is exactly what you are looking for. :)

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Hey, sorry to bump and old-ish thread.


Just wondering, I have the H1500 headset, and until previously the "config" file fix worked perfectly for me. Recently i've noticed that the headset appears to be quite loud once again. I tried the config file change but changing the number in there doesn't seem to affect the sound volume at all. is there a reason for this? drivers are all fully up to date. I recently updated to windows 10, could that be the issue?


thanks guys :)

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Bumping this, Because this fixed my issues in R6 Siege where people couldn't hear me, Also why tf wouldn't You(Corsair) have the option to increase mic gain? Literally walmart microphones with windows drivers has it. But Nooooooo.. Not my Corsair H2100, Or a lot of other headsets for that matter.
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Hey guys,


If you're having the same problem I am you're USB headset has 2 volumes available to you, off and unbearably loud. Turning off the surround can help with this in some cases, but you're probably still limited in the useful values of the master volume (for me anything over 2% was VERY loud).


Fixing this is pretty simple thanks to a handy little utility called Equalizer APO.


Download it here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/equalizerapo/


After you download you are going to want to run the installer. At some point it will ask you to select which devices you want to use the equalizer on. Select your headphones now.


Let the install finish then reboot.


After you reboot open the file C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\config\config.txt, delete the contents and replace it with


Preamp: -12 dB


You may change the value to match your preference however you like. As soon as you save the file your output will be adjusted. I picked -12 because some games were too quiet at -15 or -20, but music was too loud at -10.



Registered to say thank you! Almost bought a new headset because volume levels were default to ridiculously high! Was getting vibration at level 10 on windows volume. Thanks so much!

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