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H110 280MM Mounting Bracket does not fit MSI GD65 Z87 motherboard


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Hi guys, I'm building a PC for a friend. And I have the following problem.


The mounting bracket 1150 lga that is delivered with the H110 280 mm does not fit on the motherboard MSI GD65 Z87 Gaming.


The VRM around the cpu are in the way of the mounting bracket.


Check pictures included.





Any suggestions on this ? Why is this a round bracket compared to the older brackets ?

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Have you actually tried installing it? That retention ring will sit up higher than what you are showing in your picture once your CPU is in and the pump head/cooling block are inserted.



Just figured out, and found it, how dumb I can be LOL


Just seen it on a you tube movie.


You can close this tread.


My excuses.

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