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I was just wondering if someone could give me a tips how to sort my small issue with h100i cooling unit what I installed today.

Well was all as I expected, pretty straight forward until it came to fire it up, after that have had constant grind I guess it the right word to describe the sound what the pump is making, worth to mention, only 1 fan is working at the time and pump led's are not working at all, not even when I cold start the pc.

I've tried to uninstall and reboot and install the cl, getting older version and never version, still nothing, everytime I start my pc, it' says I don't have cpu fan and once I get windows and try to see if link works it only finds my gpu and ssd, dunno if there is something wrong in my usb configs or something stupid but I can't come up with anymore ideas and I've tried everything I thought would be helpfull and tried to read stuff from here as well and haven't come up with anything that would work.I've been switching between the usb things on the mobo and nothing has worked so far, so I thought that maybe write here and someone could help me out.

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with all the issues your describing it may be best to just get it replaced

you can try running the unit on its side for a while to see if it helps the noise as it could be trapped air

once the unit is installed with software,many times it will only recognize the usb initally connected to

on a side note,i assume your killing the power before pulling the usb,fan leads ect...

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