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Cooling node not powering fans


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I've had the Corsair link cooling kit for a while now and although it's had a few issues (fans spinning faster at 40% than at 100% and the program crashing fairly regularly) I've stuck with it because it does pretty much exactly what I want from a fan controller. But last night after my computer was on for about 10 minutes, I noticed the lights on the Enermax fans weren't on and after I took a closer look 3 of them weren't spinning. Two of them are on my H70 cooler. So i shut the computer down and turned it back on again. All 9 fans in the case came to life, but about 2-3 seconds later, all but 3 stopped spinning.


I've drawn a quick diagram to show how I've got them all connected to the node.





So all but the last 3 fans are powered from the node and both molex connectors powering the node and the 3 fans are on the same cable coming from the psu.


I've unplugged all the fans from the node and tried connecting 5 of them to it without using any splitters and that resulted in the same 2-3 seconds of power and then the fans stopped spinning. I tried it a few more times with a different combination of fans (using between 1 and 5) and connections from the PSU (all running though the node) and they all gave varying results from the same start stop process to having 1 or 2 fans that continued to spin as windows loaded.


I've also uninstalled and re-installed the software and unplugged and plugged everything in and out so many times I've lost count but I'm completely stumped as to what the problem is.


I'm pretty sure that the problem is with the node being able to power the fans (seeing as the 3 fans which are connected with a 3 way splitter and it's own molex connector continue to work when the others don't). But the fact that the fans all start up when the computer is turned on means they're all getting power, but something is causing them to cut out.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



Windows 8 64bit

Asus Crosshair IV Formula


Corsair H70

MSI 6870

8gb Corsair Dominator

Corsair HX 750w

5x Enermax cluster 120

1x Enermax cluster 140

3x Corsair 800D case fans 140

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you probably have several issues perhaps

you could be overloading the cooling node,it could be in how their split wired,it could be because some 3 pin fans just wont work well with the node,

i doubt your gonna get a definitive answer as the node isnt designed to do what your doing.

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Thanks for your reply,


Is the node only designed to power 5 individual fans? The way that I had it set up the node was only actually powering 6 out of the 9 fans (3 of them had their own molex connector on the splitter they were connected to).


If what you say is correct and I'm overloading the node, why when I plug only 5 fans (or less) into it, do some of them still not power up? And how did i get away with running this configuration for 3+ months without it failing like this?


I understand I'm probably going to only get speculative answers to these questions but it's driving me nuts. I can't stand not being able to identify the problem and I really don't want to have to scrap the Link for something else.

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ive looked at several of your fans and while not knowing the exact model and not finding amp ratings its hard to determine if it was in fact a power issue.,being that it worked for a few months and then failed does lead me to think the node was performing at its peak capacity.

im a believer in not maxing things out constantly and like keeping it at a 50% threshold with sporadic full demands but thats just me.

if it were me id split the fans between 2 nodes if your unable to isolate the exact cause of failure that it...

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As I can't think of any realistic reason the node would fail other than overloading it, you're probably right wytnyt.


As I said before, the 3 fans that do power up don't draw their power from the node so I'll buy some splitters that come with molex connectors and just use the node to control the PWM fans instead of also powering them. I've not had any luck finding splitters with less than 4-5 connections that come with a molex plug also. I guess it doesn't hurt to have a few spare fan connections.


Thanks for your help.


Oh, here are the link to the fans I have;


http://www.enermax.co.uk/cluster/?L=0%2Findex.php%3Fid%3D (120 & 140 model)

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