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Force Series GS restart problem


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I have bought Corsair 240GB Force GS CSSD-F240GBGS-BK

and i put it in my new Asus Z87i-Pro .

I install windows 7 64X and make all the updates.

When i restart the pc it can find the ssd, but if i shutdown and then open then it has no problem booting.

I update bios and also ssd with Corsair SSD Toolbox.

Still nothing.If i make restart can find the SSD:confused::confused:

Any suggestions.

Thank you


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I have same problem with Corsair Force GS (firmware 5.20) on HP EliteBook 8460p (LG744EA) with SATA Mode AHCI.


When i cloned SSD by Norton Ghost, then i have reboot problem. If i shut down PC and power on then have no boot problem...


If i install Clean Windows 7 then have no boot problem again. I always use all HDDs and SSDs with Norton Ghost. But i cannot understand why i have a problem this time...


When i want to firmware update with SSDToolBox then i got a message "No Firmware Update Available"


So, when i want to firmware update manually Force GS 240GB then i didn't found firmware for my SSD. Cuz My Force GS 240GB firmware signature is 27889 and your firmware packages has no firmware for my disk.


Another SSDs work all properly... For example Corsair Force 3 240GB, Samsung Evo 240GB and Corsair Force LS 240GB...

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Thansk for reply Toasted,


I also checked firmware updates with SSDToolbox, then i got a message "No firmware update available"...


When i installed clean Windows 7 Ultimate, then SSD working fine. Maybe Corsair Force GS not compatibility with Intel SATA controller. Because when i installed clean Windows 7 x64, then Windows uses Microsoft Standard SATA Controller drivers. Now im cloning my disk again. Then i will install Windows 7 and i will turn back Microsft SATA controller. I will post here...


I think its a firmware problem... Corsair has to solve this reboot problem for Force GS SSD drives at least time :)...


Kind Regards,

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I have two Corsair Force GS 360GB with 5.05 factory firmware. All works fine!!! (m/b Asus Z87-C)


And I have two Corsair Force GS 360GB with 5.20 factory firmware. A have restart problem.

Corsair Force GS SSD with fw5.20 not good work with haswell(z87, asus, gigabyte, msi, any notebooks).


You may return SSD to seller for Warranty replacement

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