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2000 Reception, Mic and Audio Issues


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Hey there,


I just recently RMA'd my Corsair 2000. This is my second RMA.

I have been having three issues with the headset at the moment.


1. Reception. The range of the headset is not as advertised and can only reach aprox. an 8 meter diameter.


2. Microphone. My microphone randomly stops working usually when the boom is exactly half way or perpendicular to the ear-cup. Moving the boom solves the mic randomly stopping but its a nuisance because I can't tell if it isn't working unless someone notices. Another issues with the micriphone is it seems the sensitivity has depleted some and I've been told its hard to hear me at times (boost is all the way up).


3. Audio. Just recently the audio on the headset randomly cuts out. This is at my desk which the receiver sits at so it is not a reception issue.


Anyways, those are my issues and my RMA/Ticket# is 6266351. I have RMA'd products to Corsair many times but they never supported cross-shipment I am wondering if this is a possibility as I would prefer to have a headset as opposed to waiting 2 weeks without one, as I use it daily hours at a time and is a part of my life style.


Once again Corsair I am huge fan of your brand and have recommended your products to friends and family and even though they may malfunction for me sometimes the quality and performance for the price is unmatched in my books.




A loyal customer, MBK

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In your comments section tell them you have replaced the headset via Corsair and provide your previous RMA#.


Advanced RMA is available and can only be requested via phone to customer service. An advanced RMA basically means you get your replacement headset first, then you send your one back to them. This option requires an valid CC.


You can call them using Skype by calling their toll-free number.

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