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Corsair h100i having some sudden issues


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I've been using my Corsair h100i in my current rig since I bought it back in April of this year. Since installing it onto my i7 3770k (OC'd to 4.2ghz), it has been working wonderfully. However, yesterday that all changed when I noticed my computer giving off overheating warnings on the CPU. Upon checking, I was idling at 60C, just using firefox made that jump to 70C+, and playing any games took it to 100C-105C! I ran through all the motions, good cleaning of any dust inside the case, dropped CPU back to stock settings, clean reinstall of any driver changes, etc, still no change. Reapplied paste three times in each way I know how to. Once spreading a thin layer, once with a line down the center like Arctic Silver suggests, and once with the pea sized dot in the center that I always use. Still no change.


Upon inspecting the cooler itself, the block and radiator both feel around room temp, and the exhaust fans on the top and back are blowing out room temp air. However, one of the fluid pumps feels very warm while the other is cool to the touch. Corsair Link says my pump is running at the normal 2200rpm range, but the liquid is 61C. That seems very high, especially with no overclock anymore. Is there something else I should try, or does it seem like I should just attempt to RMA this?


Any suggestions would be great appreciated.

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I currently have this same problem and some registered user just used the thread I started to say over and over it's my fault. I was looking for someone with the same problem and found one (the OP) as well as a Support Assistant that doesn't play the blame game. I have sent an RMA request and thank Corsair for this great forum.


My thread: H100i does not sit flat on CPU.

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