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Vengeance 2000 vs 2100 Immidiate differences.


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After several "user caused" problems with my V2000 which I have owned for about 6 months (broken charger that would fall out resulting in the headset being turned off and cracked plastic above one ear), I decided to go for the new 2100. Cost was around 180 dollars (1200NOK) including shipping which I feel is a little expensive, but instead of trying out other brands I went for the one I am comfortable with.


When taking the headset out of the box my first impression were that the headset seemed less "flimsy" then the 2000, aswell as a smoother look. When I placed it on my head it felt like a tighter fit (in a good way though).


When looking at the specs compared to the 2000 the difference is not that great, so my results can be due to the headset actually being new.


After about 3 hours of charging, I replaced it with my 2000 and fired it up within seconds. The first difference was that the sound sounded alot crisper, esepecially the voices from my friends in teamspeak. After a few hours of letting the headset shape to my head and doing a few sound tests I did notice slight difference everywhere, it was more comfortable, the construction of it feels a lot sturdier and it seems more reinforced around the problem area over the ears. The range now extends through the entire house, and it works where the 2000 would usually cut the connection.


All in all I am happy with my purchase and I love the headset, but I feel that the price difference compared to the specs difference between the two headsets are a little high, even though the structure seems better and it feels more durable.


vengeance 2100


-Very comfortable

-Great sound quality

-Appears durable

-Long battery life

-Long range

-Looks stunning



-High price

-Specs are very similar to the 2000

-Having to wait 3-4 hours before you can use it


Rating: 5/6


Please excuse me for any grammar or spelling mistakes, English is not my first language.


I would recommend this headset as an upgrade from 2000, as it seems far superior to its other wireless competitors.

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