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H80i Inquiry on temp


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I just purchased and installed one of the H80i Hydro Series cooling units, when I first installed it my temps from Corsair Link/CoreTemp were reaching 70+ C. I pulled everything back out, adjusted back plate as I put it on wrong and now the temps are ~55-60C. This unit replaced a CoolMaster V8 air cooler. The temps from that cooler were around the same as I am getting now(~59C) and I was thinking I would see a bigger temp drop with this unit. I know I dont have a side fan to actually increase air flow and I will be getting a new case shortly.


One thing to note I got this cooler so I could install a side fan to bring my GPU temps(~75) down. That obviously wasnt the case with this venture but I am still more than happy with the unit. I noticed the temps fluctuate about 5C whether idle or under load.


If anyone could assist or advise that would be greatly appreciated. If these temps are normal I would like to know. I hear others getting temps under 40C and its making curious.

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Your temps are pretty good. While the H80 is a good cooler it's just another alternative to a good air cooler. It's not necessarily going to out perform them all.


If you would have gone with the H100 or 110 with a larger RAD then you would see a little better on your temps.

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